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Pantum P2500 and M6500 Series Printer Fimrware FWR.

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Pantum P2500 and M6500 Series Printer Fimrware FWR.

fwr Software disables toner chip
You can fill the powder of your toner and use it directly. It does not require any further action.
Resetting only disables the chip.
There is no change in the function of the printer.
It has no connection with the computer. The software is installed on the printer itself. This gives you the ability to use the printer wherever you want.
Format etc. operations do not affect the printer and software.
For operation, the printer must be connected with a USB cable.
After the software installation is finished, you can continue to use wireless with the wifi feature, if available.
To put it briefly, you can use your printer at low cost with a one-time payment instead of constantly paying for chip costs.

Compatible printer models;

P2500, P2500W, P2505, P2550, P2500n, P2500nw, P2200, P2200w, S2000, P2518NW


M6500, M6500n, M6500nw, M6500w, M6550, M6550n, M6550nw, M6550w, M6600, M6600n, M6600nw, M6200w series


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